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Welcome to Rush Inc.
Professional Transportation Company

Rush Inc. is a family-owned transportation company established in April 2001. We have expertise in the trucking industry on different levels.

In July 2013, we officially opened our warehouse in Melrose Park, IL. This has expanded to 30 units since then and still continues to grow today. Equipped with the skills and knowledge, we provide timely transportation to companies that need our freight services.

We mainly serve in the Midwest to the Southwest. We also service in Denver, Co. We have a fleet of local trucks based in the metro area of Chicago, IL, and Denver, Co. Our 45 trailers are prepared to transport dry freight to and from our areas of service, delivering freight as scheduled including during wintertime. We protect all freight from being held up and deliver them as swiftly as possible. We have clear communication among all workers in our company including the owner-operators, dispatchers, dispatch managers, and other staff.

At Rush Inc., we practice family-oriented values that allow us to work hard in the workplace while having time for our own families beyond work.

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We have a dedicated team to execute our services in the most professional manner. Choose from our services below so we can serve you and help your business flourish:

Expedited Service

Rush Inc. provides a fast delivery option for urgent cargo needs. We will pick up your shipment and deliver it directly to your destination. We have designated trailers and dispatchers to perform this task as flawlessly as possible. Schedule with us at any time. With Rush Inc., expect fast delivery!

Dedicated Service

At Rush Inc, we value consistent, high quality services with our premium transportation. Our seasoned drivers are dedicated to providing your freight needs, anytime and anywhere! We adjust our work to your schedule. Let us know your specific needs and we will take care of everything without delays. Call us!

LTL Service

We make freight delivery cost-efficient for all our customers by consolidating all parcels into our facility for organized batches of delivery. No need to spend an exorbitant fee for delivery of one small item. Enjoy reasonable shipping costs and receive your parcels in excellent condition and on time. Schedule today!

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    Rush Inc. - Professional Trucking Company Choose Reliability And Experience!

    Rush Inc. is a transportation service company that delivers freight in various areas in the local suburb. We transport goods efficiently under safe protocols during all seasons. Our company takes pride in our highly qualified drivers with their logistics expertise on the road.

    We acknowledge the significant role that our trucking drivers play in making sure all cargo is delivered swiftly. Our company ensures the establishment of fair and reasonable work hours to allow all employees, including drivers, ample time for their personal activities. 

    At Rush Inc. Bartlett, we recognize our trucking drivers as a valuable asset to the company. Without them, our premier services today would not be possible. We strive to make our drivers’ lives easier by providing a conducive and safe work environment and providing handsome benefits including insurance, high-quality equipment and trucking, excellent pay grade, and efficient operations. 

    Our company takes confidence in our dedicated, highly qualified drivers to deliver your freight to where and when you need it. At Rush Inc. Bartlett, we only make room for improvements and better services. Consult us today!

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